Top 5 Truck Accessories to Enhance Performance

Trucks are designed for heavy-duty jobs that require specific upgrades – not only do these accessories look good, but they can help drivers perform efficiently and safely.

Bolt-on performance modifications such as cold air intakes and exhaust systems are popular bolt-on performance mods that help boost engine power by increasing airflow into the engine while venting away harmful fumes.

1. LED Light Bar

Have you found yourself driving on dark or muddy roads wishing your headlights could reach further? Or seen trucks equipped with flashy LED light bars driving around town? An LED light bar may be the perfect way to lighten up the night on your journeys, providing extra illumination when needed.

These lights are intended to help extend your vision further down the road and can come in various colors, power outputs and beam patterns – perfect for off-road vehicles!

Before purchasing an LED light bar, it’s essential that you understand its intended use and how it’s going to help. A white light may work best in most environments but blue or red may provide better illumination in certain places. Furthermore, you should take into account size considerations, whether or not curved or straight versions exist and if it is waterproof.

2. Custom Grille

Custom grilles can add an impressive visual statement to any vehicle. Available in various forms and materials, these custom-crafted beauties add character and shine that are sure to grab people’s attention.

Some grilles are specifically tailored to their audience and function to improve radiator ventilation or protect the front-end from debris, such as the skull-and-crossbones grille on Dodge trucks or BMW’s split kidney.

Other types of grilles are created from metal stock that has been cut and formed into an elegant shape for an aesthetically pleasing result. These decorative grilles may feature flame motifs, manufacturer symbols or logos – an example being George DuVall’s 1935 Ford So Calif Plating shop truck grille.

3. Side Window Deflectors

Air movement reduces drag, improving fuel efficiency and making your engine work less hard to push your truck forward. Aerodynamic truck accessories come in all forms from side skirts to roof deflectors and fairings – offering your truck even greater efficiency!

WeatherTech makes an effective wind visor with tinted acrylic that looks stylish while holding up against rain, snow, ice, and scratching debris. It easily slides into your window channel for secure mounting and an attractive factory look; plus it keeps windows from misting up in colder climates!

Auto Ventshade also produces an outstanding wind visor. Their four-piece set may cost slightly more than WeatherTech’s version, but features OEM styling with a limited lifetime warranty and mounts securely in window channels with 3M pre-applied adhesive tape for quick installation.

4. Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers provide your cargo and truck bed with extra protection and storage space, while also helping seal out moisture. They come in hard and soft options.

Hard covers utilize composite or metal panels to form a rigid barrier between your truck bed and the outside world, providing superior security. While heavier and more costly than their soft counterparts, hard covers offer enhanced peace of mind.

Gator SFX tonneau covers are an easy solution for quick installation. Their pre-assembled design makes this cover quick to take on and off, saving money you would otherwise use to purchase upgrades or modifications for your truck.

5. Performance Enhancers

There are many truck accessories that make vehicles safer and more functional, such as performance tuners that reprogram computer systems to increase horsepower and torque – especially beneficial for professional semi-truck drivers who spend long hours behind the wheel. These upgrades may even help extend driver fatigue.

Popular truck accessories include LED headlights, which offer better visibility while using less energy than traditional filament bulbs. Truckers may also install no-drill mud flaps to protect fenders from rocks and debris kicked up while driving off-road, air horns to warn other drivers on the road and even first aid kits to add safety while traveling.

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