The Revival of Manual Transmissions

Retro trends often reemerge with fresh new life. This can be seen across fashion, music and food; all it requires to revive these styles is some creative thinking and originality.

According to The Wall Street Journal, manual transmissions are experiencing a comeback. Automakers have introduced them back into their lineups and young drivers are driving this trend.

Puffy Sleeves

Puff sleeves have become an increasingly popular trend on catwalks and Instagram feeds in recent months, yet unlike most trends – they seem set to stay. Their romantic, girly design allows women to look put-together without exerting themselves too much.

Add feminine flair to the puffy sleeve trend by pairing a blouse featuring oversized puff sleeves with a flowing maxi skirt and heels for an eye-catching evening ensemble, or opt for casual daytime style by donning a polka dot puff sleeve dress featuring casual-cute puff sleeve designs paired with pearl embellished bag and faux-leather mules for vintage-inspired outfit that is sure to turn heads.

Manual cars have seen their numbers decline with technological innovations that make driving stick easier, yet manual cars are making a comeback. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal details this phenomenon by noting it’s Gen Z who are keeping manual transmission alive – not collectors or Luddites! Acura claims half of its manual Integra buyers fall between 18 and 43 while Mazda reports one quarter of Miata buyers aged 35 or younger as buyers for both products respectively.

High Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are wardrobe essentials that cinch at the waist and lengthen legs, making them suitable for people of all shapes. From low rise (beloved by celebrities like Olivia Wilde) or mid rise styles, high-waisted jeans can look both casual and formal depending on how they’re styled.

Combine light wash skinny high-waisted jeans with basic flats for an effortless casual look perfect for spring days out and occasions, adding some pattern with your shoes for added style and flair.

High-waisted jeans make a polished formal look when combined with a long cardigan or blazer, or when worn tucked into high-waisted skinny or boyfriend jeans with a bold colored tank top tucked inside the high-waisted skinny or boyfriend jeans, for instance. A puffy sleeveless jacket adds extra elegance. Wear them to any party you attend – just ensure they can accommodate walking as the ripped material will get dirty quickly and snag on objects easily!

Midi Skirts

The midi skirt is an ideal fashion trend for women looking to add a bit of edge to their ensembles. Boasting a seductive hemline between knee and mid-calf, this retro trend provides women who don’t quite feel ready to embrace full vintage an alternative option to minis. Our online selection offers everything from simple denim styles to flowy A-lines for every taste imaginable – everything from girly embroidery cotton fabrics to pleated satin materials; there’s no end to how many ways it can be worn!

if you want to look put-together without looking like the stereotypical librarian, try pairing your new midi skirt with an untucked T-shirt or casual knit sweater and some rough and tumble details like boots or sneaks for an instantaneous boost of polish and casualness. Or for even greater impact, go bold and try head-to-toe monochrome looks; just remember to vary fabric textures so as not to appear too matchy-matchy!

Vintage Hairstyles

Trends, be it clothes, shoes, or hair styles are constantly cyclical; they rise quickly before slowly dying out; only to reappearing years later in slightly altered forms. That is why the fashion industry is filled with looks inspired by past styles yet tweaked so as to appear modern and fresh.

People have also been opting for vintage-inspired hairstyles this year. Glamour waves are an easy way to incorporate vintage flair into your look when wearing it in a pixie cut style, while adding retro flair can easily be accomplished by tying a polka dot headband around your forehead.

Manual transmissions have seen a gradual but notable comeback in the auto market, as carmakers increase production of stick shift models catering to drivers who favor ungoverned three pedal engagement. Young drivers seem to be at the forefront of this movement.

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