Off-Roading Adventures – A Guide to the Best Trails and Parks in America

No matter your experience in off-roading or just starting out, America offers something for every off-roader and beginner alike. Here are the top trails and parks across America worth exploring.

Off-roading is one of the best ways to explore a new place, and here are some top destinations in each state that can test your abilities and take your adventure further.

1. Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is an absolute must for nature enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts, drawing millions each year to experience its striking landscape, home to one of the largest concentrations of hoodoos (irregular columns of rock) in the world, as well as its captivating natural amphitheaters.

Visitors to this part of New Hampshire can engage in numerous recreational activities, such as hiking, horseback riding and ATV tours. Cross-country skiing and sleigh rides are also very popular during winter months.

The park boasts three distinct climate zones: the spruce or fir forest, Ponderosa Pine forest, and Pinyon Pine or juniper forests. Each forest type provides shelter and food sources for wildlife in dry to shady environments.

2. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is an unforgettable must-see, filled with geysers, waterfalls and alpine rivers – not to mention its famous geysers! At nearly 3,500-square miles spread out over Wyoming Montana and Idaho it provides nearly 3,500-square miles of wilderness recreation space on top of an active supervolcano.

Wildlife can be seen roaming freely throughout the park, such as bison, wolves and grizzly bears. You’ll have ample opportunity to spot these exciting species!

Lamar Valley and Hayden Valley are excellent wildlife-viewing areas worth stopping at while visiting the park. Here you may be lucky enough to spot bison, elk, bears and other animals grazing peacefully across open grasslands.

3. Yosemite National Park

National parks provide an amazing environment to discover together as a family, offering numerous activities and attractions to keep everyone occupied and amused.

Yosemite National Park offers something exciting and new for every type of visitor to experience, from hiking and camping, to floating down the Merced River and floating through Yosemite Canyon.

In the park are several popular hikes, such as Half Dome Trail and Sentinel Dome Hike – with latter providing breathtaking views without an extreme ascent such as El Capitan.

4. Grand Canyon National Park

At more than one mile deep and 277 miles long with 18 miles wide of width, the Grand Canyon is one of nature’s most breathtaking natural landmarks. Its layers of red rock reveal millions of years’ worth of geological history.

This national park, managed by the National Park Service, offers outdoor enthusiasts a host of activities. These range from mule trips and rafting the Colorado River to stargazing and wildlife viewing; truly there is something here for everyone.

Experience Grand Canyon National Park best on foot by hiking one of its many short or long trails; South Rim Trail is an especially popular route, connecting Grand Canyon Village with Hermits Rest Point while providing breathtaking scenery along its route.

5. Colorado National Monument

Western Colorado is home to this picturesque park, famous for its towering monoliths, steep red rock canyons and sprawling pinyon-juniper woodlands. You can explore it via car on Rim Rock Drive or venture out and hike, watch wildlife or stargaze!

John Otto began campaigning hard for this land to become a national monument during the early 1900s. He worked tirelessly to raise funds, build trails, and spread word of why this area needed protecting status.

President Taft established Colorado National Monument as one of the earliest national parks in 1911 with his proclamation. Colorado National Monument offers visitors incredible geologic history and rock formations; visiting here will leave you enthralled.

6. The Continental Divide

The Continental Divide is one of North America’s most iconic features, stretching across both states to connect many national parks.

Hikers flock to the Continental Divide for its variety of ecosystems, breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife. Additionally, this area contains several national monuments and parks for hikers to visit.

The Continental Divide Trail, one of the world’s premier long-distance trails, stretches 3,100 miles between Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada and Crazy Cook Monument in New Mexico – considered one of the toughest long distance treks ever completed.

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