New Cars Are Safer Than Their Predecessors

New cars are custom built, featuring various optional features and often come with an express manufacturer’s warranty.

When it comes to reliability, buying new can be a huge advantage. Knowing who had owned your vehicle before you is key for ensuring its stability.

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Safety should always come first when shopping for a vehicle, with safety features being of primary concern when making your selection. Luckily, modern cars are much safer than their predecessors thanks to government mandated standards and advanced technology that helps avoid crashes or lessen their severity if accidents cannot be avoided altogether.

Most modern vehicles now include at least six airbags, including torso-protecting side airbags and driver-side knee airbags, to protect you and reduce force upon impact. Antilock braking system (ABS) helps drivers keep control during skids by absorbing some of their energy; its antilock braking system (ABS) also can reduce impact force by absorbing some of its energy.

Other safety technologies include electronic stability control to stop your car from skidding out of control and LATCH child seat anchors to safely secure children in your car. Parking sensors also offer added protection, alerting drivers with audible beeps that speed up as your car nears obstacles like parked cars or tall curbs.


Today’s vehicles boast impressive technology features. Ranging from cabin conveniences to advanced driver assistance systems, there is much more on today’s cars than was even imaginable just a few years ago.

Some features are more intriguing than others. For instance, having a heads-up display (HUD) in front of you allows you to access information directly from your dashboard without taking your eyes away from the road.

Other technological features to look out for in a car include cabin air/pollen filters and 360-degree parking cameras, which provide an aerial view of your car while you park. These cameras can help prevent curbing your wheels during parking as well as reduce the chances of hitting pedestrians or vehicles, becoming increasingly common across a variety of price ranges – and sometimes even optional on luxury models.


Making a major purchase like purchasing a new car can be daunting, and money expert Clark Howard suggests waiting until prices of used cars drop before purchasing one outright. If cash flow is an issue, auto loans could provide another viable solution for financing.

New cars generally feature cutting-edge technology and safety standards, including blind spot alerts, automatic emergency braking systems, 360 degree safety view cameras and stolen vehicle tracking software. Many new models even provide wireless smartphone connectivity so you can connect your phone or tablet for navigation purposes.

Modern features can come at a steep cost. Before making any decisions about buying a new car, be sure to calculate all associated expenses such as sales tax, title registration fees, optional items and ownership expenses before comparing these figures against your overall budget. Visit Budget Car & Truck Sales to explore your options for finding an affordable new vehicle purchase solution.

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