Increase Auto Parts Sales With an Online Store

If you’re in the market for auto parts, you may want to consider an online store. You can increase your online auto parts sales by creating an accessible website that search engines will point to. It can also help you boost sales locally or globally. However, you should make sure to ensure that your online store is easy to navigate and remove any obstacles that might prevent customers from ordering what they need. Customers may abandon a website if it takes too long to sign up or to find the information they’re looking for.

Advance Auto Parts, for example, recently reported a 3.1% increase in comparable and net sales for the third quarter of 2018. While the decline in car sales may seem small, it’s not, and executives say that the reason for the increased demand is primarily a result of the increasing number of people traveling, rather than the economic downturn. Travel, and therefore, the need to repair the vehicle, is increasing, according to Advance Auto Parts’ Tom Greco.

An auto parts salesman sells replacement and aftermarket parts, as well as performs the necessary work to ensure that the customer gets the exact part they need. The customer shows the salesman the part they need, which he inspects with a magnifying glass. The salesman then locates a new spark plug for the customer, rings it up, and collects payment. However, the role is not without its challenges. It can be physically demanding, requiring the salesman to stand for many hours during a shift.

While traditional brick and mortar retailers have stepped up their online presence, the online automotive aftermarket market is growing rapidly. Statista reports that the online automotive aftermarket industry will triple in size by 2027, paralleling the increase in online consumer shopping. For an auto parts retailer, this could be an investment well worth making. If you have an existing auto parts store, the growth in ecommerce will be substantial and justify the initial investment. The automotive industry is growing at a staggering rate, which means that it is a good time to start an online store.

To increase your auto parts sales, it is imperative to build relationships with local body shops. This may seem like an impossible task, but there are several ways to get your foot in the door. To begin building relationships with local body shops, join business groups and trade associations that offer discounts. Additionally, you can refer your customers to these body shops by calling them and sending them business. As a result, they will be reminded of your business when it comes time to replace the car.

Aftermarket auto parts can be a great way to cut costs. Many auto parts retailers now offer third-party remanufactured parts. While this approach has a bad reputation because third-party parts often lack quality control, it has some real benefits. Third-party remanufacturers can offer you lower prices and allow you to skip the brand tax. Just be sure to source the parts from a reliable source.

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