How Do I Know When to Replace My Windshields?

When should you replace your windshield? Continue reading to find out more. You have cracked glass and are unsure whether you should replace it or not. Some windshield cracks are repairable, but in other cases, you may need to replace them. says that if the crack in your windshield is longer than 12 inches, it’s time to replace it. You may also need to replace your glass in the following cases.

Too Many Cracks

Replace your windshield if it is cracked or has many chips. If your windshield has more than three cracked areas, it is not recommended to try and repair them. The windshield’s ability to withstand impact will decrease after it is cracked repeatedly. You can find a local auto glass shop by searching “replace my windshield” on Google.

The Crack in the Windshield is Deep

You may still be able to drive if you have a laminated glass. It’s best to have the crack assessed as soon as you can. It is impossible to repair a crack that goes through both the outer layer and the inner layer of your windscreen. If the crack does not go through the entire windshield, but only exposes the inner plastic layer, it is still a problem.

Cracks That Are Located in an Unsuitable Location

A crack that is in an unfavorable location could also be a reason to replace the windshield. If your windshield is cracked on the driver’s side, for example, you need to replace it. Even if you replace a crack, some marks will remain. If the crack runs from one side of your windshield edge to another, it is necessary to replace the entire windshield. These cracks compromise structural integrity and make it dangerous to drive with such glass.

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